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Feminization for The Sour Sissy

I'll make you a sight for sore eyes.

  • 2 hours
  • 800 US dollars
  • 4 star and up hotel

Service Description

This service is for my submissive sissies. I am a strict in teaching feminine charms and tricks. a smudgy winged eye and a pretty smile are not enough to impress me. is your back straight? is your hair done? how flattering is the skirt? How high is the heel and how good is your balance? How polished are you domestic skills? if you don't impress me fret not.. I'll make a good gurl out of you yet.. Want just a makeover? It takes a velvet touch. I'll give you a gorgeous face for $250 and teach you how a lady of quality presents herself. this service is for those that like to indulge in - Feminization - Mild humiliation - Gender swapping and play - Brain washing - Denial (locked) - Chastity - Domestic Servitude - Maidship "It's almost similar to someone craving motherhood or to mentor. to educate in the feminine and divine arts as all I really want in this life. sounds a bit dramatic but it's true." ~Mastress Lunna STD/STI screening is required via email. legal/state ID and paperwork is required during time of booking this incudes if you are here with any kind of foreign papers that show legal documentation or if necessary a passport as well A current picture holding the ID next to you is also required during time of booking as well as a full body picture of yourself. I now use skype after sending the photos of you with your ID as a virtual verification and for a short meeting discussing session details! If we will be meeting at a hotel or anything of the sort the room will be booked and paid for by the client requesting service. I do not expect and kind of room service or food/ drink accommodations but they are greatly appreciated. Deposit of $100 dollars required during booking this is nonrefundable and nonnegotiable. The rest of the payment is due during time of service in cash on arrival. prices displayed are based on the two hour minimum. book and buy to customize your experience there are wish lists linked at the bottom of this website!

Contact Details

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