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About the Mastress

Measurements and Features

  • height: 5'5"

  • weight: 163Ib

  • eyes: brown

  • hair: brown (sometimes black or ginger)

  • bust: 41" (104.14 cm)

  • waist: 31" (78.74 cm)

  • hips: 42" (106.68 cm)

  • shoe size: 8 1/2 us sizing 42 in UK sizing ( 9 in heels us sizing) 

  • body type: curvy

  • regular sizing for dresses: large or XL

  • regular sizing for skirts: large 

  • regular sizing for tops: large or XL


Wish Tender has so many things i've been eyeing, they would make great gifts! 


IN CLOTHES AND SHOES I ONLY WEAR BLACK. never buy me lingerie or toys unless you see it on the wish lists provided I do not advise getting me anything other than things I request unless you are very creative or intuitive and would know things I'd like after knowing me for a while.



Atlanta, Ga - FMTY U.S. Domestic

Date of Birth:

January 20th 1998

Saturday - Sunday
11am - 7pm

available for outcall only


All booking is done via email which you can reach through my contact form.



A Bit About the Mastress

I am Lunna.  You will refer to me as Mastress, Miss, madame, or Ma'am. I am a feminization coach and classic Domme versed in impact play, sissification, dollification and traditional BDSM . Not full service for any service options listed. If you wish to win my favor I love tributes, flowers, and personal requests from my wish lists on Wishtender,  Amazon, Etsy, and more stores to come of course! I love when my subs pick things from them to customize their sessions so we can have even more fun. I'd like it known that I love seeing all genders! as for my wish lists you will find these links on the home page (the button titled "wish lists and other socials"). Catering to and respecting each of our personal boundaries and limits is top priority so be sure to read my etiquette page. For all of my services including your booking fee/screening deposit, please note that refunds are not an option, consider this before you reach out.  I take both of our time very seriously and I do wish you will do the same and respect all my requirements as I will do for you. Enjoy. My rates can be found below. All payments after booking are to be made in cash. Your booking/ deposit fee is Non- refundable and any cancelations made within 24hrs will be black listed unless the full session price is paid for my time. No same day requests.


Per hour: $400 - $800

Per Half hour: $200 - $400

Booking Deposit: $100 - $7,200

domestic only all flight fees (must be round trip) and living accommodation must be booked by the client before arrival ( no lower than 4 stars hotel )

personal fees for round trip over night 12 hours: $4,800

personal fees for round trip 24 hours: $9,600

personal fees for round trip 48 hours: $19,200

personal fees for round trip 72 hours (max): $28,800


couples fee: extra $100 - $200/h

$400 per hour this includes additional hours added to service and $200 per half hour additional. the service minimum is two hours with the exception of companionship dates which remains $400 per hour with a minimum 3 hours. for submissive sessions the hourly rate is $800. The booking deposit remains $100.

FMTY is based on a flat rate for 12 hours minimum my rates remain $400/h the booking deposit for FMTY is 25% of the full total this is not refundable and must be paid after screening. flight tickets are a separate entity from the booking fee and total payment. they must be provided before the first flight, this includes the ticket for me to get back to base.

I will always ask for clients to book at least a week in advance. Any same day requests will be denied. 

no more than two people are allowed during a service if you and your partner wish to book me for couples service there will be an extra $100 fee for the couple per hour for domination. it becomes an extra $200 per hour for submission. for additional hours the same rules apply. Pricing for extra hours/ half hours added refer to the "per hour pricing fee above". booking deposit remains $100.

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