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Madame Says

Lets lay some ground rules shall we? I will go ahead and establish some of my own boundaries and rules that I expect to be adhered to. some rules will be maintained during booking and some during service. I encourage you to let me know and boundaries or hard limits for yourself that will make this experience all the more personal and enjoyable! EVERYONE has a limit.

Rule #6

I will not use and homophobic or transphobic slurs for sissificaton or otherwise. I resent homophobes and transphobes and I will not excuse it under the guise of fetish. Trans women are not sissies and I will not participate in the abuse of a marginalized group. this includes the "F slur" in refrence to gay men weather cis or trans. the word "Sissy" alone is more than enough as well as being called outside of your gendered pronouns. it will go no further than this. it is never acceptable I will not be doing it.

\Rule #7

No drug or alcohol use before or during session I do not offer or allow any use of drugs in my space, including poppers or any sexual enhancement substances to be taken in preparation or during scheduled session time. you can do whatever you like in your spare time but I do not want to be around substance recreation use or abuse due to my own personal experiences and set boundaries regarding any form of intoxication.

Rule #8

If I will be dealing with your fluids during session please be prepared to provide STD and STI screening/ test to clear you of any. This is separate from the contact forms request of providing information on medical conditions as the STD/STI screening document will need to be emailed to me as a separate entity. 


Rule #9

In all of these fun kinks and fetishes know the risks if you do not know them I advise you to do research on some of the things you are interested in trying before making an inquiry! if you are having trouble or do not know what to look for in your research fill out the section of my contact form that is for session details and questions so that we can discuss them together! Always remember: Your safety = my happiness and my happiness is your happiness! 

Rule #1

you are only to refer to me as Ma'am, Madame, or Mastress. as you see this gives you quite a few options. nothing irritates me more than simple errors that are easy to avoid making for example, by simply reading, To address

me as anything other than these titles will be taken as nothing less than

disrespect and I might just deny your inquiry because of it. it comes off as lazy

and lazy individuals do not make useful servants. I will not give you the time of day.

Rule #2

It is your responsibility to be open and honest with me during times of discomfort ALWAYS. you need to express any hard limits and boundaries during booking

I am not here to cause you any damage outside of what you can handle and I've got a very heavy hand and twisted ideas of fun so please speak up before and definitely during service all of this must and will be consensual

I am not your CNC or blackmail fantasy.

Rule #3

I ask during screening and booking but be warned if you lie about any medical issues this is including but not limited to: brittle bones, heart conditions such as arrhythmia or palpitations or history of heart attacks or blood clots, diabetes/ pre-diabetes/ hypoglycemia, allergies to latex I cannot help you ask before hand because I am not a medical professional trained or equipped to deal with these life threatening complications during session please be honest about any conditions it is for your safety. no matter how difficult life gets you matter please do not disregard your health.

Rule #4

when sending you booking deposit for screening LEAVE THE NOTE BLANK. I cannot stress this enough. why? because money sending apps such as Cashapp, Venmo, and Paypal do not take kindly to Sex workers. please leave the note blank do not put your name or any funny little note that you feel like putting it is for my safety as they close accounts related to sex work and notify banks and cause bank accounts to be closed as well I'll say it once more LEAVE IT BLANK. I use cashapp for my booking/screening deposit. $Hausofthewitch

\ Rule #5
 No Race play. Ever 
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