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Need some spice after a long day? use me.
Gender inclusive

craving a bit of twisted pleasure after a long days work? consider booking me to help you unwind. 
My favorite way to care for my superiors is to help with domestic services and offer flesh to quell your sadistic apatite. This service is for those who love 
- Sensory deprivation
- Pet play puppy training
- Human ashtray/ human furniture (foot stool, lamp chair)
- Mild to Heavy impact  
- Domestic servant 
- Dollification
I love learning and would love formal training in many different areas like cigar and bottle services and domestic servant (cooking) training!

 This service is at a 2 hour minimum and a $100 deposit during booking is required. The rest of the payment is due during time of service in cash on arrival. price displayed is based on the 2 hour minimum requirement.

Hard limits:
- Race play
- Forced Intoxication
- Extreme pain impact (needles paddles, studded paddles/ belts/ glass shards, etc.)
- Slapping (face)
- Spit/spitting
- Scat/ feces 
- Tickling
- Shaving of hair (head)
- Guns/gun play
- Forced eating 
- Vomit
- Plastic surgery
- Electric play /toys
- Public display/ exhibitionism
- public humiliation
- Penetration (anal, oral, or vaginal)
- Bestiality
- Tattoos

Soft limits: 
- blood play 
- asphyxiation/ breath play
- being placed upside down 
- piercings

medical pre-warning/ caution
- Hypoglycemic/ Pre diabetic


No penetrative sexual acts are allowed during this service as I am not full service . vibrators are allowed for simulation and edging. 

STD/STI screening is required via email

legal/state ID and paperwork is required during time of booking this incudes if you are here with any kind of foreign papers that show legal documentation or if necessary a passport as well

A current picture holding the ID next to you is also required during time of booking  as well as a full body picture of yourself.


I now use skype after sending the photos of you with your ID as a virtual verification and for a short meeting discussing session details!


If we will be meeting at a hotel or anything of the sort the room will be booked and paid for by the client requesting service. I do not expect and kind of room service or food/ drink accommodations but they are greatly appreciated.

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